Joan McCall


 Unsolicited Testimonials



“Thank you so much, Joan. I’m finding things a bit easier with each additional piece of information you give and I’m loving it. I’m eager to soak up as much as I can and I’m putting it into practice. Please know how much I appreciate your energy and practicing power. You’ve opened an amazing door for me. I’m truly grateful for your availability and your willingness to extend yourself. -- JP


“I’ve been taking stock about how much my life has improved since I started coming to you. I have a much more positive outlook, and I know I am in charge of my mind and of everything I think. I feel I am riding on a positive current of expectancy and opportunity and blessing. With gratitude and love, BG


“You are the crucible in which the consciousness and soul of your work resides. This consciousness is a reflection of not only what is present now, but also an awakening to something even grander… The clarity, commitment, love, and energy that it takes to answer your calling emanates from you in the most attractive and compelling way.” -- Dr. KG (president of major worldwide organization)


“I am deeply impressed with the level of [your] commitment, dynamic forward thinking and elegant professionalism. -– Dr. SR (minister, teacher and speaker)


"I had a meeting with Joan that helped me get very specific in defining my career goals. When we know that we have the power within us to create the life we want, amazing things happen. With little effort after that, I manifested a summer gig, a fall job with a top production company in LA, and several promising writing and producing projects that will carry me into the new year.  I've never been so certain of where I'm headed, so confident, and so in love with life.  Joan is lovely and wonderful and has so much to offer!" -– RD (actor, director, producer)

"Joan McCall is one of the most creatively connected and gifted guides today. Her insights are wonderfully profound and helpful for everyone, no matter how “creative” we may or may not deem ourselves! With her colorful illustrations and grounded teachings, Joan shows us how to more fully tap into that innate creativity capacity that lies within each and every one of us." –- CS (actress/Singer)

"When I first met this beautiful spirit, Joan McCall, I felt warm relief just from meeting her. I remembered what I sometimes forget -- to focus on creation and my journey within it." –- CB (Broadway star)

"Joan McCall is so amazing!  Every time I leave I think, I’m queen of the world!  There's nothing I can't do!  I'm charged up for the week. I'm plugged into endless positive creative energy!" -– MR (movie star)

“I was deeply in debt and had no idea how I would ever pay off my credit card balances. You reminded me that I embodied all the power of the Universe, and that I had misused this power to create the debt, but I could use the same power to reverse the situation. The emotional load dissolved immediately. Soon thereafter, my boss, out of the blue, gave me twenty-five thousand dollars which enabled him to owe nothing to the IRS. I was able to pay off my debt and enjoy some luxuries.”  -– L.O.

“I’m living a charmed life now. I was invited to Dallas to a weekend party. I didn’t have money for travel but decided to go. The next day, I received free airplane tickets. As soon as I returned home I was invited back for another special event. Again, I didn’t have money, but a round-trip plane ticket was presented to me. A few weeks later I was invited by a friend to go to Las Vegas. At the slots I put in a coin and quarters spilled out. I moved on and wound up with $1600 in a matter of minutes. -– M.B.

“You asked us to stretch our belief to include two thousand dollars extra a month. I was out of work at the time. I freelance in television production. I decided to think constructive thoughts about working and started to feel ready to work. Out of the blue, I received a call from an employer who asked me to come work for his TV show. Not only did the job just drop into my lap, the salary was two thousand dollars a month more than I’d been earning.” -– A.B.


“I had a waking dream, seeing myself bound for Asia on a new plane, dressed up to appear at a  motion picture awards ceremony. Soon afterwards I was invited to the Korean Academy Awards. I turned down the invitation at first because of financial limitations, but the hosts kept insisting that I come. They paid for my plane fare on a recently publicized new plane, furnished me with deluxe accommodations and I was given a custom-made tuxedo to wear to the ceremony. He flew to the event and enjoyed every moment. It was a demonstration of your “how life works.” -– J.R. 


“Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment. You really helped me. I questioned my PA about what the technologist had seen on the ultrasound. It had shown a mass on my kidney. They wanted to do an MRI. When it was done they didn't see anything at all. Thank you for your part in the whole process!” -- SR 



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