Coaching and counseling for individuals, couples, families,

      professionals, artists, workers and executives.


Joan McCall receives constant praise for her work as a personal coach helping them live wonderful, harmonious lives. And she has successfully coached entrepreneurs who have experienced leaps in business.


She works in person, by phone and by email. She has clients all over the United States including California, Florida, New York, Texas, New Jersey, New Mexico, Connecticut, Florida and Arizona. She has clients wordwide including South Africa, France, the U.K., South America, Canada, Israel and Turkey.


     Should a life coach have a life first?


You bet! There are hundreds of coaches offering services without having experienced their methods themselves. That is not to say that some of them can’t help others. But “let the buyer beware.” Joan McCall has lived what she professes and continues to do so. She walks the talk. Having become a star on Broadway, featured roles in movies, author of over 250 shows on television and motion pictures and director of a spiritual center, she puts her mouth where her life has been, and she did it all herself.


                             Joan is certified to perform Wedding and Funeral Services


     Free consultation by phone, email or office visit.

      Thereafter the fee is $150 for a single 45-minute session.

       $250 for two 45-minute sessions per month, payable at first session.

      $400 for four 45-minute sessions per month, payable at first session.



                            After free consultation, please pay for telephone or email sessions by

·        Paying at first session, or

·        Send check to Joan McCall, 1437 Rising Glen Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90069, or

·        Pay with Zelle

                                                                    1 - (310) 657-0682